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OAKDENECHARDONNAY.JPGOakdene 2014 Liz’s Chardonnay

Shimmering mid-golden in colour.

Intense aromas of stone fruit, nectarine and French Oak. These are the style of Chardonnays I personally love.

This is a Goldilocks wine; not too taut, not overworked. Notes of wild yeast, lees stirring and quality French Oak
still showing a clean pair of heels with the acidity.

This wine would be the perfect accompliment to lobster or any other white flesh seafood.

Drink 2016-2022.


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Deep garnet red in colour.

You don’t have to look far for descriptors on this wine. Upfront aromas of bramble and dark berries,
mixed spices/cinnamon and a deft touch of smoke are apparent on the palate, making this a very
complex style Pinot Noir.

Good use of French Oak compliments the components, bringing them altogether.

Drink 2016-2024.


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Mid-straw in colour.

Upfront aromas that sing of Pinot Gris. Poached pear and lemon curd.

Fruit and palate weight are dancing in harmony, making this a style of Pinot Gris I like without
being over worked.

A great example of regional Pinot Gris.


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ROBINBROCKETT.JPGRobin Brockett 2014 Fenwick Vineyard Shiraz

Full red/purple in colour.

This is the first vintage of this wine; and what a great start Robin has made! This project has allowed
Robin to put his own stamp on fruit from Wallington that would have normally been used in the
Scotchmans Hill Range. To identify this as having unique characteries (Varietial).

Wild ferment and whole bunches have added another dimension to this wine. I could continue to talk
this wine up for hours BUT in a few words, POWER/PRECISE/POLISH….

Limited to around 60 dozen. Those who seek shall find.

Drink 2016-2026.


Available from: Cellar Door | On Premise








BENNETTS_PINOTNOIR.JPGBennetts On Bellarine 2015 Pinot Noir

Light to mid-garnet in colour.

Cherries, perfume and spice are the first aromas to show their hand. This Pinot Noir is like a tightly-wound
spring ready to unfurl.

It has plenty of fruit, acid and one would assume tannins from the stalks. Violets/spices travel effortlessly
across the palate with a silky mouthfeel. Once this wine opens up it showcases a full spectrum of
flavours/aromas from cherries, 5 spices and forrest floor.

This Pinot Noir could comfortably be cellared for 5-8 years to gain even further complexity. A great new
edition to the local wine scene.

Drink 2016-2024.


Available from: Cellar Door









Mid-red in colour with purple rim.

Fragrant aromas of scented violets and strawberries are just a few of the discriptors arising from the glass.

A well weighted, mid-palate which carries similar flavours across the palate. Full, rich and silky. The length of
the palate doesn’t disappoint, leaving flavours of dusting chocolate/white pepper and herbs.

This wine could be cellared with confidence for 5-7 years.


Available from: Cellar Door










This Spotted Ale is a Golden Ale (style).

Upon pouring you notice the great clarity and head retention. Upfront fruit/tropical aromas without being too overt.

This is a mid-weighted ale showing a range of citrus flavours on the front of the palate. You could swear it had a
lick of Manuka Honey in it as it fills the mid-palate. This will certainly be a hit this summer.


Available from: Cellar Door & Selected Stores











That’s right, Chardonnay IPA. Nope, no spellcheck needed here.

Mid-amber in colour, also showing good head retention.

As you would expect from an IPA, it has distinct hoppiness and bitterness to it. This is the first time I have had
a Chardonnay IPA but I like it… a lot. I think that the Chardonnay fills out the mid-palate and tames the bitterness.

Another great release from the people at Prickly Moses.


Available from: Cellar Door & Selected Stores












FORBIDDENFRUIT_ORIGINAL.JPGPrickly Moses Forbidden Fruit Cider Original 4.6% ABV

Mid-straw in colour.

This is an off dry style cider. Good beading on initial pouring. Obvious upfront apple aromas lets you know
exactly what you’re about to partake in. This cider has a mid-weighted palate, as you would assume, as all
the natural sugars haven’t been fermented out.

With Summer approaching this is the perfect time to pick up a case of this locally produced cider.


Available from: Cellar Door & Selected Stores












FORBIDDENFRUIT_APPLEBERRY.JPGPrickly Moses Forbidden Fruit Cider Apple Berry 4.6% ABV

Mid-straw in colour with a slight pink tinge.

This Cider has similar characters to the original but with the addition of blueberries. This takes me back
to my school days - no, NOT drinking cider - but eating Redskin lollies. Full mouthfeel and showing some
fruit sweetness.

This would be ideally served over ice with perhaps a sprig of mint.


Available from: Cellar Door & Selected Stores









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