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Food for thought

SCOTT_JETTS.JPGWords by Scott Dumbell - Jetts Fitness

Righto, I'm going to challenge you to try something a little different this summer!

Traditionally, (and I'm not complaining) the gym biz starts to go a little quiet this time of year. You see, people are going to work parties, family get togethers, end of year drinks, they are doing the Christmas shopping, buying trees, food, toys, ipads, skateboards...the list goes on and on. Money is tight and the social calendar is booked. Not much time or resources to spend on the gym. Hence the lull in sales at my Gyms. I'm not concerned though, not one bit.

You see, I know what's coming. January is the time we all start our New Year's Resolutions. And, as fitness professionals we rub our hands together and come up with such great lines as "New year, new you" or "Give yourself the gift of fitness" or "Kick start your new year." All terrible ads but none the less business booms in January and February every year, year in year out. Guilt ridden and slightly heavier versions of yourselves flock to gyms and bootcamps all over the world, thinking "What have I done to myself?" or "Right, this is the year I'm going to do it."  

FOODFORTHOUGHTSUMMER16.JPGLet me save you a heap of guilt, hard work and stress. You see, if you take things a little easy during the festive season and maybe start your resolution now rather than on the 1st of Jan, that start to next year may not be the huge frustration it was last year, and the year before that and the year before that. The key to success when it comes to health and fitness is consistency; now in December we tend to have a lot more functions to attend but what if you ramped up your training in between parties? I'm not saying you have to go nuts, but what if you did 30 minutes of exercise every other day during December? You probably wont get that ripped six-pack you're after but you might just keep that 5kgs you were going to put on at bay.   You don't have to join a gym either, the great thing about exercise is that it can actually be free. Doing 50 squats, 50 pushups, 50 sit ups, 50 dips and 20 burpees every second day will cost you absolutely nothing. After you've done those go for a 20 minute walk or jog, I'm telling you, you will thank yourself for it come January next year, you might even be in better nick than you are right now.   

Of course exercise is only half the battle...Christmas pud, trifle, chocky, beer, wine, eggnog, shortbread, turkey, prawns, bbq...all of which are wonderful, but also come at a price! I know it's hard but really try your best not to go back for seconds, or have three desserts. If you know you're in for a feast, then train a little harder that morning, do your best to indulge with restraint. The Christmas period is by far my favorite time of the year, family, friends, fun; I'm sure it's yours too. Take it easy, train hard and maybe you wont wake up on January one set up for another year of guilt and disappointment...but if you do, I know a place where you can "Start the new year on the right foot." See what I did there?

Food for thought!




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